• Steve Gatter


The time is now. Let your passion shine. Find your niche. Make your mark.

Hire a coach – one who specializes in coaching freelancers & startups ... to help you find and meet your ideal prospective clients.

A micro-business is a unique experience; unlike academic and corporate marketing. It is the ultimate exercise in efficiency. Use your resources wisely.

When interviewing coaches:

-- know exactly what the end result will be

-- invest less than 3 figures

-- insist upon a free sampling

-- insist upon a longer term

Getting started is to get clients. Plans, branding, and websites can all wait. First, get hired and learn why --- what did your client want you to achieve for them? With enough answers to this question, your value proposition will become clear, and too the definition of your ideal client, and too the realization of the business you are now in.