Keynote Speaking & Custom Videos

  • Several programs to choose from

    • Finding, Acquiring & Keeping More Revenue​

      • This allows you to better understand the sales process and journey you take to make more money. ​

    • Sales Experience Drives the Customer Experience

      • This is all about sales experience and its place in the business environment you've fostered at your company.​

    • AMA - Ask Me Anything - An open discussion on audience focused topics

      • These are my crowds favorite events to attend. This ensures everyone walks away with something for them. ​

    • Personal Brand and Lifetime Personal Brand Value

      • When you work on establishing a personal brand, especially in a corporate environment, you are poised to take your career to amazing heights​

    • many more...

      • Even custom keynotes for your group​

  • Videos are made for you in my studio and will be branded to my business. These videos are expensive for me to make, so I ask that you just don't take advantage. 

    • This is about an 90 minutes of work for every 60 seconds of finished video footage. This means a 4 minute video takes my team 6 hours to put together. ​

  • In order to book me as a speaker you must be willing to split the travel and accommodations cost with me. I do not charge for the keynote, but I will ask that you cover 50% of the cost of me arriving and staying at the event. 

    • In order to get my time for this fee, I must be allowed to "soft sell" from stage. This means I will plug my products and services throughout my presentation to alert people interested in working with me the opportunity to learn more about me. ​

$0.00/per event

must split travel costs and accommodations with me; 

and allow me to sell from stage (only passive selling)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to cover 50% of the accomodations and travel?

I look at speaking at your event as an opportunity for me to grow my brand and exposure. That opportunity cost me money, and Im happy to pay it all, however, I like to know my audience has a vested stake in taking my presence seriously, so I will cover my half if you cover yours. 

What can you actually help me with?

There is a short series of topics I speak with my clients about the most at the bottom of the "HIRE ME" page. However, the service is about you. If you want help in something we can't do, we will tell you. Most of our clients range in industry and need, we've probably done it and a few times by now. 

What is the reaction you get from your audiences?

Not everyone loves my style. I have spent a very long time collecting the information I have and using it in a real world environment. It can be hard to hear that things aren't how you thought they were. I try to give my audiences something to grow with. Those who take my style with a grain of salt over my content usually become superfans.

Why do I need a coach when I can get this stuff online?

The reason you need an implementation coach is because you can save lots of time and hassle. When you are ready to start a project or to do something that will grow your business, you need experience and perspective.  My process brings both to the table. Set a free consultation if you aren't sure.