Freelancers & Startups, now is the time.

Let your passion shine. Hire a coach,

one who specializes in coaching freelancers & startups.

Someone to find your ideal prospects and meet them.


Solopreneur Coaching Package

Meet your first 10 clients & design a process to meet more each week.  


  • Define your ideal prospective client (IPC)

  • Use LinkedIn to define, find, connect & meet them.

  • Design a strategy for the first meeting & afterward

  • 13-months, meet or call Steve as often as you want.

$599 per person per year 

Automated Linkedin Lead Generation

Causes as many meetings as you desire, each week, with your IPCs.


  • Define your ideal prospective client (IPC).

  • Learn how to build a LinkedIn Search-bot & search system.

  • Refine your LinkedIn Profile to intrigue.

$997 per completed project 

Right Time Videos for Introverts

Message-rich videos: deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.


  • Craft your messages and when to use them.

  • Create your videos (20 to 40 seconds each)

  • You are NOT on camera nor do you speak

$345.00/for first video

$100.00/for each one thereafter


We are just beginning our commercial loan business and Steve showed us how to use LinkedIn to find and connect with our ideal clients. In a matter of 2 days, we set up 23 appointments.

Larry / Business Owner / Commercial Loan Broker

I recently attended Steve's Mastermind Sessions on niche marketing. As much as I learned from the process of identifying, relating to and approaching my niche market, I also learned from the other attendees. Their input and Steve's insights throughout the sessions were invaluable!

Colin / Self-Employed Photographer

Steve was an excellent coach in helping me put words to my niche market. I've been able to use that knowledge in everything from my30 second pitch to new business development calls. He is a master at what he does!

Paula  /  Personal Printer  /  Solopreneur

Up to 2 hours of free coaching

 A little actual experience . . .
When was the last time you discussed . . .

client discovery - who is your ideal client

customer experience - say the right thing at the right time

pricing your offerings

linkedin - a powerful proactive prospecting tool

copywriting - intrigue them with words

your linkedin profile

your website

calls to action

why might they hire you

persuasion, inspiration and trust