Half Day Coaching Package

  • I will be live at your location from 8:30-1:30 or 1:30-5:30 on two (2) separate days

    • Need 24 hour notice minimum​.

    • Should be set at a location no more than 200 miles from Charlotte NC.

    • Day will start on time, but will end early if all parties agree the session was valuable enough.

  • Focused session to tackle some of your most pressing needs

    • One on One time working on something you need help with. This is typically me handling the majority of the session strategy and workload delegation. ​

    • If you are not sure this is the right meeting for you, please ask before booking.

  • Exclusive attention on your business only

    • While onsite, I will work with your company exclusively and will be focused on completing your tasks before moving on to others​

  • Leave behind materials from the days session(s)

    • Every session has the creation of homework as well as materials created on site. You will be left with these materials or they will be created and delivered within 5 business days of the half day sessions completion. ​

  • My most effective use of our time together

    • Like talking to me on the phone and reading my materials? Try a half day of my attention in your office. ​

$699/per 2 days

Minimum of 2 days (must be in 200 mile radius of Charlotte NC)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this have to be 200 miles or less from Charlotte?

In an effort to make myself available to most of my clients, this is currently a local service. If you are outside this radius and would like to book anyways, please contact Kalani Thomas directly for a custom quote. 

What can you actually help me with?

There is a short series of topics I speak with my clients about the most at the bottom of the "HIRE ME" page. However, the service is about you. If you want help in something we can't do, we will tell you. Most of our clients range in industry and need, we've probably done it and a few times by now. 

What will we talk about in these sessions?

This is a good session to get to the bottom of a few things for you. 1, what do you need to start doing. 2, what do you need to stop doing. And last, 3, what do you want to continue doing but be better at? This is a good way to break the day up and get some good action items established.

Why do I need a coach when I can get this stuff online?

The reason you need an implementation coach is because you can save lots of time and hassle. When you are ready to start a project or to do something that will grow your business, you need experience and perspective.  My process brings both to the table. Set a free consultation if you aren't sure.