Business Coaching Package $700    

  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching with Steve Gatter for 200 days

    • My calendar is published and available for you to schedule as many meetings as you want, whenever and as often as you want.​

  • Access to Underdog Insights

    • A series of briefs emailed to you over the course of our 200-day engagement that provide unique perspective and insight into lead generation, client discovery and the customer experience. ​

  • Access to The Mission Statement Formulator

    • A succinct excel-based tool that guides you to a brilliant answer to the ubiquitous question, "What do you do?"


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do all this for only $700?

Making changes to a business is not an overnight process, it takes time. Doing it correctly means going slow, which allows me to have conversations at a pace that works for us both. Usually, after the first few  sessions, our interactions together become shorter and less frequent. 

What can you actually help me with?

To get your first meetings with your ideal prospective clients and then design a system that will allow you to have 2 to 8 such first meetings every week.


This process centers around defining your ideal client and how to manage their experience from the first contact to their becoming alumni -- raving fans. 

What will we talk about in our one-on-ones?

The core questions are listed on the "coaching journal" on which I keep track of our conversations. The BIG questions are:

Who is your ideal client?

Why might they hire you?

What might they pay you?

What words might intrigue them?

How to get your message to them?

Why do I need a coach when I can get this stuff online?

First is to save time. next is to avoid mistakes and most important is to think and act like a solopreneur or freelancer.

Though we learned a lot in school or from the jobs we've held, learning how to be a one-person business is a completely different exercise.